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25 Hours of Rider Mania

Well, it’s no secret that our group, now popularly known as the Breakdown Gang, took 25 and half hours to reach Goa. The journey usually doesn’t take a bike more than 14-17 hours.

My bike delayed us by over 4 hours thanks to a charging coil failure. Harhil’s Standard 500 had its tappets jammed near Nipani, delaying us by over 2 hours. Dipesh’s bike refused to start just 10KM into Nipani. Sameer’s bike smoked its way to Goa from Satara. He had to spend about INR 15,000  to replace everything inside the engine. Manan fell asleep umpteen number of times – once at Ambala Ghats, once in Sawantwadi – almost crashing into a truck. And to top it all, Vishwajeet took a slightly longer route (Pernem-Arambol-Siolim-Anjuna) when we entered Goa, setting us back by a good half an hour.

But we made it!

Rider Mania was susegaat (as the Goans would say). There was something for everyone. I was there to try my hand at concert photography and shoot some action at the Dirt Track. Manan showed off his side-car at the Custom Bike Competition. Kyron came to wander and I accompanied him almost everywhere he went.

After three days of cheap beer, some awesome food and lots of South Indian testosterone, we started back to Mumbai. This time it took us exactly 17 hours to get home, with zero breakdowns. To be frank, I was missing the 25 and half hours we spent on the road.

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*The technologically-challenged me still needs to figure out how to insert a slideshow into a blogpost, so please excuse the way the images appear. But do check each one out. *Update: Thanks to an upgrade, you can now see the images in a slideshow format. I’ll update the captions and stuff later. When I find the time.

Update: The ride to and from Goa took a toll on my bike’s engine. It needs an overhaul, setting me back by INR 15,000. What’s worse is I’ll have to ride at 40KM/hour for the next 1,000KM.

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Rider Mania – On the Highway to Swell

In my last post I mentioned that I had two ways, rather highways to reach Rider Mania, Goa. Now, thanks to Vishwajeet’s boss, we will be taking the NH4. So, Mumbai to Vagator, will be done via Pune, where we’ll be joined by a few of the Pune boys who rode with us at the Himalayan Odyssey 2012. From Pune, we’ll head to Kolhapur, where we exit towards Goa. Apparently, the road through Nipani is riddled with pot holes, which is why I have suggested by many to take the Ghadinglaj exit.


In terms of preparation, the bike has just been serviced. A setback of around INR 6,000. I had a few pending jobs like a speedometer change and fitting of new rims and spokes to be done. Everything has been carried out with precision and my bike is just purring like a well-bred feline; capable of handling a 600 KM ride. My body though has other ideas. Last night I had to pop a Cold n’ Flu to help ease, well my cold and flu. I hope I’ll be OK in time for the ride.

Talking about time, I leave my house at 3:00 in the morning (i know it’s going to be 3:30 by the time I leave). The Bombay riders meet at BKC at 4:00 AM and Manan has given us strict instructions to not faff around and leave the rendezvous point by 4:15. He is riding is beautiful Indian (pictures soon) with a side car. This is going to hamper the speeds at which he rides.

The plan is to reach Goa in 12 hours so that we are there before the sun sets. I have bought a new Cramster saddle bag, which allows me to carry a laptop. So, if time and a sober brain permits, I’ll keep you guys posted with the happenings and pics from the event.

Till then, ride safe!

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Rider Mania – the Dilemma

Making 60 odd friends at the Himalayan Odyssey 2012 definitely has perks. Vishwajeet, a photo-journalist with Auto Car India, just rang me to ask if I could join a friend and him on their ride to Goa. I am yet to confirm but I must say, his route has me sold.

The guys that I was to ride with (Manan, Kyron and Shakti) want to cover the 600 odd kilometers from Mumbai to Goa in a day using the NH4 highway. This route will be fast, helping us make the entire distance in 12 hours. But will kill our backs.And, that’s the reason why I have been skeptical since the first day this plan was announced.

What is enticing is Vishwajeet’s proposition of riding along the coastline. We will do a distance of 490 km to Tarkarli Beach, rest there overnight and then head to Hill Top, Vagator, Goa. This route will also give me a chance to photograph and if possible, shoot a video documenting our ride to Goa and back.

What’s unnerving is how do I break it to the others that I’ll be ditching them for a far more scenic route (suggestions welcome). I’ll keep you guys posted on how that goes. let’s hope I don’t get run over by Manan’s 500cc Machismo.

Meanwhile, if you own a Royal Enfield and want to register for Rider Mania, click here.

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