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REunited with the Road

The last long ride took a huge toll on my bike. Mary Jane spent almost a month at the mechanic’s and in terms of damage, it cost me an engine overhaul and 20k to get her out of there. That’s why I was extremely nervous about setting out to Mahableshwar for Royal Enfield’s REunion West.

Bike shot just before entering Mahableshwar

Once I was on the NH17, I realised, there was nothing to worry about. The engine was smooth as makkhan and the roads were a treat to ride on. I covered a distance of about 280 KM in 7 hours. The only negative was that the scenery wasn’t to die for. Not every place can offer you a setting like the Himalayas and I’ll have to live with that.

The first day was spent getting drunk out of my skull and the second was spent catching up with old friends and watching bikers slug it out in (the same old) events like slow race, carry your bike, beer drinking, arm wrestling etc.

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I am quite bored of seeing the same competitive events at every RE gig I go to. But, at the moment I’ll keep my mouth shut as I have no alternatives to offer.

The highlight of my trip was sharing a toke with the only rider to put a Royal Enfield on the podium (He stood 3rd in the bikes category) of Raid de Himalayas. Em says I might I have a man-crush him, but can you blame me? I mean the fucker raided the place where most of us can hardly ride.

Moving on, the return journey was just a monotonous ride on the NH4 with the Unison gang. If you are a Mumbai Bulleteer, then do like their page. Noel, a fellow rider from the Himalayan Odyssey organises some amazing rides, which include a fair bit of off-roading to places close to the city.

My next ride might just be with them. If that doesn’t interest you, then check out Royal Enfield’s Ride Journal. There is one really tasty ride that I want to be a part of. More on that later – I need you to come back to the blog, don’t I?

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