25 Hours of Rider Mania

Well, it’s no secret that our group, now popularly known as the Breakdown Gang, took 25 and half hours to reach Goa. The journey usually doesn’t take a bike more than 14-17 hours.

My bike delayed us by over 4 hours thanks to a charging coil failure. Harhil’s Standard 500 had its tappets jammed near Nipani, delaying us by over 2 hours. Dipesh’s bike refused to start just 10KM into Nipani. Sameer’s bike smoked its way to Goa from Satara. He had to spend about INR 15,000  to replace everything inside the engine. Manan fell asleep umpteen number of times – once at Ambala Ghats, once in Sawantwadi – almost crashing into a truck. And to top it all, Vishwajeet took a slightly longer route (Pernem-Arambol-Siolim-Anjuna) when we entered Goa, setting us back by a good half an hour.

But we made it!

Rider Mania was susegaat (as the Goans would say). There was something for everyone. I was there to try my hand at concert photography and shoot some action at the Dirt Track. Manan showed off his side-car at the Custom Bike Competition. Kyron came to wander and I accompanied him almost everywhere he went.

After three days of cheap beer, some awesome food and lots of South Indian testosterone, we started back to Mumbai. This time it took us exactly 17 hours to get home, with zero breakdowns. To be frank, I was missing the 25 and half hours we spent on the road.

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*The technologically-challenged me still needs to figure out how to insert a slideshow into a blogpost, so please excuse the way the images appear. But do check each one out. *Update: Thanks to an upgrade, you can now see the images in a slideshow format. I’ll update the captions and stuff later. When I find the time.

Update: The ride to and from Goa took a toll on my bike’s engine. It needs an overhaul, setting me back by INR 15,000. What’s worse is I’ll have to ride at 40KM/hour for the next 1,000KM.

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12 thoughts on “25 Hours of Rider Mania

  1. Harshil Vithlani

    My bike is left with broken piston, Connecting road & Barrel. It had to be trucked to Goa & then to Mumbai due to unavailability of Spares.. Wow.. Wht a ride… If the name of the group is breakdown gang.. Then I am the break down king.. Hahaha..!!

  2. All hail the breakdown king! Hope your bikes back and has been restored to working condition by now.

    Mine’s in the garage. Me sad.

    • Harshil Vithlani

      Bro.. My bike is back from Goa.. But awaiting spares.. Might take a month to restore.. But thats giving me time to come with lot of ideas to play with it.

  3. Abey Ajay what happened to ur bikes ingine, it was good till we left goa and i think was good till we reached Pune

  4. upload more pics……..

  5. Yeah…the engine was good till Pune. Somewhere near Lonavala, it started making a funny sound. Showed it to the mechanic, he said that the bearing has gone and needs change.

  6. Harshil Vithlani

    Bro.. My bike is back from Goa.. But awaiting spares.. Might take a month to restore.. But thats giving me time to come with lot of ideas to play with it.

  7. You must enjoyed a lot. It seems a thriller trip

  8. my bike is chakaachak………. thoda diesel wash ka zaroorat hai……… will have to spend around INR 150/-……………. shaaaa…………….

  9. A year has gone by already….. Lets do it again. This time check your bikes well ahead of time.—-Lets GO

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