Rider Mania – the Dilemma

Making 60 odd friends at the Himalayan Odyssey 2012 definitely has perks. Vishwajeet, a photo-journalist with Auto Car India, just rang me to ask if I could join a friend and him on their ride to Goa. I am yet to confirm but I must say, his route has me sold.

The guys that I was to ride with (Manan, Kyron and Shakti) want to cover the 600 odd kilometers from Mumbai to Goa in a day using the NH4 highway. This route will be fast, helping us make the entire distance in 12 hours. But will kill our backs.And, that’s the reason why I have been skeptical since the first day this plan was announced.

What is enticing is Vishwajeet’s proposition of riding along the coastline. We will do a distance of 490 km to Tarkarli Beach, rest there overnight and then head to Hill Top, Vagator, Goa. This route will also give me a chance to photograph and if possible, shoot a video documenting our ride to Goa and back.

What’s unnerving is how do I break it to the others that I’ll be ditching them for a far more scenic route (suggestions welcome). I’ll keep you guys posted on how that goes. let’s hope I don’t get run over by Manan’s 500cc Machismo.

Meanwhile, if you own a Royal Enfield and want to register for Rider Mania, click here.

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